This Eliminates The Requirement Of Glasses Or Contacts And Improves Vision To A Great Extent.

Scroll down to understand other factors that may contribute... This is because these conditions affect the accuracy of eye measurements regarding refraction. This kind of clots are usually dissolved with the help of clot bursting medicines. A hole in retina, or macular hole, is a defect in the central part of retina. A person showing such symptoms must refer to an expert physician. Pregnancy and Nursing: LASIK eye surgery is not allowed on pregnant and nursing women. As a consequence, the frequency with which you blink reduces, affecting the tear formation process and frequent disruption of tear film. It can also be caused due to ageing process of the skin.

However, infections could occur as the users may swallow tobacco juices. So, an inflammation of the iris or iritis is a very common type of uveitis. It contains molecules with antibacterial activities, and thus protects the eye from bacterial infections. This eliminates the requirement of glasses or contacts and improves vision to a great extent. Go through this article for some information about the condition and its treatment.

subconjunctival hemorrhage